Crispy Dosa

A southindian recipe which is very famous and delicious . It is made with a mixture of rice and dal and can be made easily at home.

The making of Dosa calls for a little practice but anyone can do it easily after trying a fewtimes. So Dont dishearten if your dosa turns into a map shape ,try out a few times and you ll make it easily am sure šŸ‘šŸ»


Crispy DosaFor the batter (Ingredients):

  1. Rice-3cup
  2. White urad dal-1cup
  3. Fenugreek seeds-11/2tsp

Recipe for batter:

  1. Soak rice ,dal and methi dana for around 12-14 hours/Overnight in a pan or you can soak them separately in different pans too.
  2. Then make a smooth paste of all the things and add together .
  3. Add a little water if needed to make it into a pouring like consistency but not runny.
  4. Be cautious while adding water else it will turn very runny and batter will be ruined.
  5. So add very little water at a time and mix and see the consistency before adding more .
  6. Keep it for another 4-6 hours or more to ferment a little more before making Dosa.

For the Dosa(Ingredients):

  1. Dosa batter-
  2. Oil-2tbsp
  3. Water -1cup

Recipe for Dosa:

  1. As the pan heats up for making dosa sprinkle a little water and put the flame to low.
  2. Now take 1heaped spookn of batter in cooking spoon and pour it in the center.
  3. Then move the batter in circular motion spreading it outward starting from the center into a round shape.
  4. Let it cook from the lower surface now until brown patches appear .
  5. As it cooks turn the side and cook for half a minute.
  6. Then flip again to add more crispiness to the bottom surface and serve immediately after filling aloo stuffing into it .
  7. Serve with coconut or peanut chutney along with sambhar and enjoy a South indian dosa platter right at home.

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