Shahi paneer/paneer makhani

A mouthwatering recipe that makes it to most of the gatherings and parties as Paneer is the word for cottage cheese, and shahi is the term for royal.
Shahi paneer is a preparation of paneer in a thick gravy made up of cream, tomatoes and spices. It is mainly eaten with roti, naan, rice, other breads



  1. Onion-1/roughlychopped
  2. Tomato-2/roughlychopped
  3. Oil-2tbsp
  4. Gingergarlicpaste-2tsp
  5. Cumin seeds-1tsp
  6. Cloves:2-3
  7. Blackpeppercorns:4-
  8. Green cardamom:1-
  9. Garam masala-1/2tsp
  10. Bayleaf-1
  11. Turmeric powder-1/2tsp
  12. Red chilly powder-2tsp
  13. Coriander powder-2tsp
  14. Salt to taste
  15. Curd-1/4cup
  16. Cooking cream-2-3tsp
  17. Butter-2tsp
  18. Kasturi methi/fenugreek leaves:1tsp
  19. Paneer/cottagecheese-250gms


  1. Heat oil in a kadhai , add cumin seeds and whole spices and then roughly chopped onions.
  2. Saute for a minute and add ginger garlic paste and tomatoes .
  3. Cook until tomatoes soften ,add a little salt for fastening the process
  4. Now cool the mixture and blend it into a smooth paste.
  5. Sieve the mixture through a strainer to get a smoother paste 
  6. Makhani means velvety and smooth and sieving the mixture adds real punch to the paneer makhani
  7. Now in thesame kadhai add 2tsp of butter and to it add turmeric and red chilly powder.
  8. Now immediately add the blended paste to avoid burning of spices.
  9. Mix well and now add coriander powder .
  10. After a minute switch off flame and curd , mix well and then switch the flame on to avoid curdling of curd in the mixture
  11. Cook on low meadium heat for 5mins and then add paneer cubes and cooking cream
  12. Cook for 7-10mins on very low flame.
  13. Then add a littlegaram masala and kasturi methi by crushing between your hands.
  14. Cover for 2 mins and serve . 

Author: soniabarton

A Dubai based blogger luv cooking makeup n travelling and a lot of other fun stuff lyk Dubsmashing, exploring gagdets and gaming(playstation)

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